by Nicole Böhme

Edit your wardrobe

Your wardrobe is probably bursting at the seams, but how many items in there do you actually wear?

First, throw out what do you not wear - and be ruthless when you edit!
Second, wear what suits you and what makes you comfortable - and please buy the right size!
Finally, fashion should be fun and inspiring plus it is also an investment - buy quality not quantity!

Your Wardrobe should be the Diamante of your home and should only contain amazing choices, it is much easier to be inspired when you see 32 remarkable pieces than when you see 199 pieces and the most are unremarkable. 

What are the pieces every woman should invest in?

The Basic or the bones of your wardrobe: Jeans - Blazer - Jupe - Trousers - white Blouse - T-Shirt - Cardigan - Jumper - Little black dress - Trenchcoat - Leather Jacket / Jeans Jacket - Wintercoat - Great accessoires: a tote bag, a shoulder bag and a clutch, a classic watch and classic earrings, a wrap, a scarf and sunglasses. Lingerie: Pay as much attention to your lingerie as you do to the rest of your outfit. 

With Style - you tell the World your own story!

Photos by Jamie Monroe - © Home & Art by Nicole 
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