by Nicole Böhme

When we buy more than we need...

We are very lucky to have access to what we want whenever we want it... The ability to a quick order from shopping websites can make for mindless purchase.

There are many psychological reasons why we are addicted to buy. We may feel depressed or bored, we compare ourselves to others, we would like to belong to them, and the item is on sale. We buy because we think we need it, we buy because we want it, and we buy because we are missing something else. 

Firstly, you have to find your triggers, next you can change the behaviour. Ask yourself, why you are buying the clothes that you buy. Are they necessities or mindless purchases? When you have identified your triggers, then it is time to change the behaviour.

If you are the one who shops without need, maybe the following shopping techniques can help you and your purse: 

  • Shop but put the items on hold, go home and review what you have in your wardrobe.
  • Give you a money limit and you only have a small amount in your purse 
  • Shop without your purse and your credit cards
  • Block your credit cards for a period of time

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